Wedding Day and Bridal

Weddings are all about love, happiness, and the beginning of a beautiful life together.

One of the joys of the big day is sharing it with friends and family who love and support the happy couple. There are so many wonderful people and experiences that had a role in bringing the bride and groom together, and the wedding day celebrates them all!

Wouldn't it be great to give the newlyweds a meaningful, tangible gift of memories they can cherish for years to come? It is so easy to give a gift that will last a lifetime.

How did the couple meet? At school? Traveling? Running? Playing soccer? At a concert? 
Chances are pretty good that they have collected and saved t-shirts from the places, activities, and events that brought them together. A memory blanket created from all these tees is a fun gift they will use all the time when they are snuggling to watch tv or a movie. Love this idea, but not sure how to surprise them? A memory blanket gift certificate is just as great.

Would you like to honor family and create heirloom keepsakes that can be passed from one family member to another?
A bridal wristlet or ring bearer pillow created from a family wedding gown is the perfect Something Old Something New.

Given as a special gift from mom to daughter at the bridal shower, the bridal wristlet can be carried on the wedding day to keep all the essentials close at hand. After the wedding, it serves as a conversation piece evening bag for special occasions.

A ring bearer pillow created from mom, grandmom, or great grandmom's wedding gown is an instant family heirloom that will be treasured on the wedding day and can be shared for all the family weddings yet to come.