Pillow made from Senior Jeans

Homecoming is quickly approaching! For high schools around us, this means the creation of Senior Jeans. I love the creativity and artistry that go into the making of Senior Jeans! 

Pillow made from Senior Jeans by Once Upon a Time Creation

Senior jeans Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

If this is not a tradition in your area, here is a quick explanation. The senior girls decorate a pair of jeans to celebrate their last homecoming. Using paints, glitter, and ingenuity, they create their masterpiece. Senior Jeans include words and pictures to highlight what they love about their high school. 

Senior Jeans

This is the only pillow we have made from Senior Jeans, but would love to make more. At first glance, it is hard to appreciate all the detail and meaning behind this special pair of jeans, but there is so much! Along with their name, school, and graduation year, they showcase all kinds of things that have made their high school experience unique, including teams, clubs, and more.

Senior jeans

Want to make a pillow from Senior Jeans? Here is the link.


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