Once Upon a Time Creation: COVID-19 Update

Hello friends, 

Since Pennsylvania has shut down all non-essential businesses during the current health crises, our main studio remains closed. To keep things going, I am operating a scaled down studio from home until we are given the green light to open again.

During this time, we are still taking orders. Memory Blanket will continue to be created during the shutdown, but other keepsake orders will be made after we open back up. These orders will be filled in the order they are received. 

My focus right now is on senior Memory Blankets. My heart breaks for these young adults and all they are missing. Their Memory Blanket is the only thing I have any bit of control over, so let’s get them ready!

There are two ways to order a Memory Blanket. If you know what size you would like, please order online (through the link below) and either ship the clothes or drop them off on my porch. If you would rather have me look through your clothing first and recommend a size, please either ship or drop off with your name and all your contact information and I will be in touch once I look through your clothing.

Once your blanket is ready, I will send you a couple pictures and either ship it to you or provide information for a no touch porch pick up. 

In addition to blankets, we are giving away masks from the extra t-shirt fabric to help our healthcare workers and provide protection for families. If you are local, in need of masks, and able to do a porch pick up in Paoli, PA, please reach out. For those willing and able, donations are being collected and given back to our community in various ways.

Please contact me with any questions or if you need mailing or drop off instructions (jen@onceuponatimecreation.com or 610-202-7850). 

Here is the link to our Memory Blankets for more information: https://onceuponatimecreation.com/collections/memory-blankets

Stay safe, 


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  • Christie Edgerton on

    We lost my uncle two days ago. I was hoping to get one of his shirts made into a pillow for my aunt. They were married for 53 years and I know her heart is broken. Would this be possible and how much does it cost? I live in NC. Thank you so much!!

  • Ashley Hildebrandt on

    I know you are closed down right now due to covid-19 for wedding dresses, but when you open back up I’d love to get some information. I want to turn my moms wedding dress into a pillow, clutch, 4 ornaments, a ring pillow, and possibly some other things depending if my brother want something specific. I can’t quite remember the type of fabric but it’s smooth like satin but thick with some detailing. No lace or anything like that. Thanks.

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