Keepsakes made from a Wedding Dress

Happy Valentine's Day! 

To celebrate the day of love, let's share some heirloom keepsakes made from beautiful wedding dresses. The love, happiness, and family history encapsulated in the wedding dress is beyond measure, which is why they are saved so diligently and for so long. 

Heart Ornament Keepsake made from a wedding dress

Keepsakes like this ornament are a wonderful way to connect generations. When the tree is decorated each year, stories are told about the person the ornament represents. Sometimes we forget that our kids may not remember their great grandmother. A tangible keepsake reminds us to share stories about those Friday night sleepovers and special moments our grandmother shared with us as kids.

Wristlet evening bag and pillow made from a wedding dress by Once Upon a Time Creation

Why not have something made for you to enjoy from your own wedding dress? Let's face it, it is very rare for a daughter to wear their mother's wedding dress on their big day. It may not be the right size, a style the suits them, or they may just want a dress that is unique to them. Creating a wristlet or clutch from your wedding dress is a fun way to enjoy your special day every time you get dressed up. It can also be passed on to your daughter at her bridal shower. 

Ring Bearer Keepsake Pillow made from a wedding dress

Ring Bearer Keepsake Pillow made from a wedding dress

This is a ring bearer pillow (front and back) designed to showcase the original dresses's gorgeous features. The exquisite fabric, embroidered florals, and beautiful buttons are all incorporated in the new design. The back has the satin and button band for the ring bearer to slide his hand in for a steady hold walking down the aisle.

 Keepsake Jewelry Pouch made from a wedding dress

This meaningful jewelry pouch was created for a lovely bride who was having a destination wedding. Her mom had this made for her from her grandmother's wedding dress so she could keep her wedding day jewelry safe and sound on the trip. It is also a loving reminder that her grandmother would have loved to celebrate her special day with her.

Keepsake Pillow made from family wedding dresses

Keepsake Pillow made from family wedding dresses by Once Upon a Time Creation 

This pillow is a combination of two generations of wedding gowns, one on each side. They complement each other so well as they are so similar in color with gorgeous detailing. Now the dresses are out of the attic and can be enjoyed every day. 

If you would like us to create beautiful, functional heirloom keepsakes, please reach out. We are here to help.


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  • Amy on

    Please contact me about making ornaments or pocket kerchiefs out of my mother’s wedding dress.

  • Madilyn on

    I would love a pillow made from my wedding dress
    Do you do that?

  • Sandra Willard on

    I have my mothers wedding dress and would like to have ornaments made approx 18. Do you make only one kind of ornament or do you have different ones. Thank you for your assist.

  • MAribeth TRey on

    I have two sons getting married in 2022would love my mom’s wedding dress turned into a ring bearer pillow

  • Alexis Cook on

    I want to get 3 dresses turned into a pillow. They are not wedding dresses they were my grandmas );
    Please contact me 9195862924

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