Keepsakes made from Beloved Work Shirts

Big days, events, and special occasions are all fantastic, but most of our most beloved memories happen in the day to day. The small moments when we feel love and support from the people we look up to mean the world to us.

Pillow made from a shirt by Once Upon a Time Creation

Kim had saved her Dad's work shirts because they held a special place in her heart. When Kim and I met for the first time, she was so excited to learn something could be made from them to honor her Dad and enjoy these memories in her daily life.

We started with pillows to proudly display his name and all the details of the shirt that meant so much to Kim. Then we made ornaments from the sleeves so that Kim could share these special memories with other members of the family. They were made in car shapes because her Dad loved working on cars. 

Car Ornaments made from a shirt by Once Upon a Time Creation

Kim shared this after receiving her pillows:

My dad wore this shirt(or one like it) my entire childhood to work. Even though he was an aircraft mechanic and was covered in oil every night he left every morning in a perfectly clean, pressed work shirt. I love that your pillow makes it totally seem like that. When I went to college my dad wrote me a daily letter on his lunch break. Sometimes it was on a napkin or the back of a envelope if he was paying bills at the time. The little ink stain on the corner of the pocket on the pillow reminds me of all the everyday things he used to write about. This pillow is so much more than a pillow. I hug it often and think of my dad. 

Pillow made from a shirt by Once Upon a Time Creation

If you would like Once Upon a Time Creation to help you create keepsake from your special clothing, please contact us. We would love to help you!


Kim Wright Nothing Bundt Cakes

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