We are so sorry about the loss of your loved one and understand that one of the hardest things to do is part with their clothing. Our goal is to help provide comfort and peace through the creation of unique gifts and heirloom keepsakes from your loved one's clothing.

We hope your keepsakes will connect generations and bring a smile as you remember all the wonderful moments that your loved one brought to your life.

To create a variety of gifts for your family, the same clothing can be utilized for several creations. Just as an example, you may wish to create memory blankets for your immediate family, pillows for siblings, and possibly ornaments for grandchildren.

Your keepsakes can be created from almost any kind of clothing including t-shirts, button-downs, golf shirts, pants, ties, dresses, some sweaters, skirts, wedding gowns, and more.

We do our best to honor the spirit of your loved one in your gifts.