So Much Joy!

In the fall of 2021, we received a wedding dress in the mail from Julie to create keepsakes. I was a little confused because it took a while to schedule a time for us to chat about her project.

Wedding Dress Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation

When we finally got a chance to touch base, she apologized for being a bit out of touch...she just had a baby!!! 


Not sure if the emotional toll of almost two years of seemingly constant bad news or the fact that I had just dropped my baby off at college 12 hours away, but this news brought me so much joy! Seriously, I wanted to cry, I was so happy for Julie and her husband. 

Can't you just feel the joy and love in this picture?

Julie wanted to create keepsakes from her wedding dress to remember their special day. Her dress was gorgeous, made from lovely fabric in a classic style with those fun ruffles and tailored bodice. 

After chatting, we decided a pillow for Julie, an ornament to celebrate the holidays, and a tooth fairy pillow for the new baby were the best ways to honor her dress and create keepsakes her family could use and love in their lives. 

Wedding Dress Keepsake Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

For the pillow, we were able to showcase the amazing ruffles. 

Wedding Dress Keepsake Ornament by Once Upon a Time Creation

The ornament was the perfect place to commemorate their wedding date (embroidered in the color of the bridesmaid dresses). 

 Wedding Dress Keepsake Tooth Fairy Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

The tooth fairy pillow was made from the detailed stitching and tailored pleats from the bodice. 

Julie, thank you so very much for sharing your joy with us! 

If you would like keepsakes made from your wedding dress, please click here for more information. 


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