Heirloom Keepsake Gifts from a Beloved Wedding Dress

So many of us have a family wedding dress tucked into a closet. It's so meaningful, we hold onto it for years, but it needs a new purpose. Transforming that dress into something new breathes life into a treasured piece of family history. 

There is something so special about sharing memories across generations. Having tangible keepsakes encourages us to share stories and talk about the people and places they represent. 

Wedding Dress Keepsake Ornaments and Jewelry Pouches by Once Upon a Time Creation

If your wedding dress has some discoloration, stains, or aging lace, please don't be discouraged. Usually some part of the original wedding dress can be used to create something new and spectacular that can be shared with the whole family.

By creating keepsakes to honor such a significant occasion, the memory will last through the years in a way future generations can enjoy in their daily lives.

Wedding Dress Jewelry Pouches by Once Upon a Time Creation

Transforming a wedding gown into beautiful pillows, bags, ornaments, and jewelry pouches is a truly treasured way to connect generations and celebrate life and love. 

Wedding Dress Keepsake Ornaments by Once Upon a Time Creation

Sending a huge thank you to Denise for sharing these lovely pictures of her Mom, Jerry, in her wedding dress and working with us to create keepsake gifts for her loved ones. 

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