Army Uniform Memory Pillows and Bears

Memory Pillows and Bears can be custom made for you from the army uniforms of your fallen or retired loved ones. We do our best to honor your loved one and the uniform by incorporating all the details into your keepsake.

Army Uniform Keepsake Pillows by Once Upon a Time Creation

Whether you would like one large pillow or many smaller ones, we can help you plan the project that best fits your needs and those of your family. 

Army Uniform Memory Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

Our mission is to help you pull your most precious clothing out of storage and create something you can love and enjoy in your daily life.

Army Uniform Memory Bears by Once Upon a Time Creation

Our hope is that having something tangible to touch and feel will encourage the sharing of family history.

Army Uniform Memory Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

We would love to help you transform your treasured clothing into beautiful, lasting keepsakes. 


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  • Deborah on

    Hello. I have 3 military suit coats from my deceased father that I would like to have 3 individual pillows made for his grandkids.
    Could you give me a price and let me know the process to start?

  • Donna Reitz on

    How much does it cost to have 2 pillows made out of my dads navy uniform? One for my big brother and one for myself? And is it possible to have it before Christmas?

  • Diane on

    I have my dad’s army uniform from the 1960s. I need to get five small pillows out of it for my kids and nieces. Would that be something you could do before xma

  • Connie Gunter on

    Hello! I would like to know what the price point is for me to have an old army jacket of my father’s, who has passed away, made into one of these keepsake pillows. It’s mostly in tact especially his name. Thank you!

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