A Personal Coach: Transitions, Decisions, Perspective

As I browse through Once Upon A Time Creation’s website, I am struck by so
many things – experiences, memories, accomplishments and the
transformation of one thing into something completely different. Mostly, I am
moved by the driving force behind it all – creativity. Every piece of every item
is significant and the result of a decision – a decision of what to leave behind
and what to carry forward on the journey. Each item signifies a transition into
a new place, a new life, a new phase, all while being able to hold close the
valuable parts of our past.

As a personal coach, I believe that you are already an expert in your own life,
you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You have the skills, the
maturity and the instincts to make difficult decisions, navigate disorienting
transitions and gain new perspective. You know the rules of relationship and
behavior but sometimes find yourself stuck in your life, your relationships,
your career. You may be surrounded by obstacles that make it difficult to tap
into your skills, talents and experience and move confidently into your future.

A coaching relationship will help you define your intent and values and use
that clarity to clear away the clutter that may be keeping you from setting
goals and moving towards them. Coaching can help you navigate the many
changes and transitions in life with insight, intention and curiosity. A Coach
can support you in this process by providing a supportive space, asking
powerful questions and challenging old ways of thinking all with the goal of
understanding where you are, where you want to be and some steps on how
to get there.

For a coaching relationship to enrich your life, it is important that you find a
Coach that is right for you. 


Mollye Readinger-Scott

If you would like to start that process by setting up
a discovery session with Mollye, please reach out. During this call you can learn more about her and learn more about coaching, then you choose the next step.

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