Graduation T-shirt Memory Blankets

Graduation is such a fun time. Both grads and parents are filled with love, pride, gratitude, and hope. We love to help you celebrate this huge milestone through the creation of your Memory Blanket. 

Graduation T-shirt Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Most of my conversations about this precious gift start with "I can't believe they are graduating". The saying The days are long, but the years are short is never more relatable than when your child graduates from high school. Them as a baby seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago. All the experiences they have had along the way have helped shape who they are, discover their passions, and prepare them for the next chapter. 

 Graduation T-shirt Memory Blanket with jerseys by Once Upon a Time Creation

Each Memory Blanket is unique and special and is a beautiful reflection of your grad's life journey. There are so many different pieces of clothing that can be included in your blanket.

For the sports lover, jerseys, pinnies, dri-fit shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, varsity letters, baseball hats, and patches, can all be sewn together to tell your story.

 Graduation T-shirt Memory Blanket with unifroms by Once Upon a Time Creation

For those that attend private or parochial school, all your uniform pieces can be included in your blanket, such as jumpers, kilts, skirts, sweaters, button-downs, golf shirts, pants, turtlenecks, hair ties, blazers, and patches.

 Graduation T-shirt Memory Blanket with jerseys and uniforms by Once Upon a Time Creation

Some other fun things we have included in Memory Blankets are bathing suits, tote bags, backpack pieces, baby clothes, baby blankets, hats, socks, scarves, robes, pajamas, pillowcases, towels, jackets, Halloween and dance costumes, scout uniforms and more. 

Graduation T-shirt Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Here are some ideas of experiences that can be represented in your Memory, teams, theater, vacations, concerts, summer camp, first jobs, races, charitable causes, events, and local sports. The possibilities are endless. 

Graduation T-shirt Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Your grad's Memory Blanket is made to be used and loved. It will be backed and bordered in a pre-washed, high quality flannel. We love flannel because it is a natural fabric that washes up well over time and is soft and cozy. 

There are two ways to create your Memory Blanket. If you are close to our studio in Paoli, PA (in the western suburbs of Philadelphia), please click here to schedule an appointment. If you are not close, you can order online and we can coordinate by mail.

If you have questions, please contact me here. 

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